Saturday, October 25, 2014 1 words I am thankful for


"No, you can't do that."
Bind my arms
And tell me that the possible
Is impossible.

"That can't be done."
Bind my legs
And tell me they are
Too weak to walk,
Much less run.

"Sorry, we can't do it."
Bind my tongue
And tell me not to
Ask for help because
It is futile. No one
Will help me.

Bind me
So I can only
Go so far,
Do so much,
Be what you want
Me to be, an
Appendage to
You life, but
What of mine?

So bound am I
That I've lost hope
For myself and
Place mine hope in
A child unborn,
Not even conceived.

So bound am I,
That I dream
Grand, voluptuous dreams
For children who have
Neither breath or hearts.

So bound am I
That I am ever
So close to
Mummification that
The life I loathe
Is so perfectly

So bound am I
That I am now
Ready to become

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Hashtag Poem - October 13 2014

I could not
Fault him,
I had betrayed
Him in the past.

How can he trust
Me when I had caused
Him so much pain.

Like him, 
I was addicted 
To the song that 
Was us in love, 
But the temptation 
Was too strong. 
I removed my voice 
From our duet 

I turned away, 
The memories 
Were breaking 
Me down & I 
Must be strong 
To face who & 
What laid ahead. 

The journey 
Was mine, alone 

I had not 
Gone far when 
I heard footsteps 
Behind me. 

Why are you here? 
He asked. 

You see me as 
Unpleasant ghost, 
I am not.
Friday, October 24, 2014 0 words I am thankful for

Hashtag Poem - October 10 2014

I stepped out
Into the stillness.

Body now warm &
Dry but my heart
Lays bruised
Within my chest.

Where do I go

He knew my past, 
A deviant was I 
But that doesn't 
Mean a deviant 
I remain. 

I looked back 
At the now 
Closed door, 
Seeing him. 

He saved me 
From the cold 
Waters of the 
Sound, from 
My desire of 
Simply floating 
Away from the 
Dangerous life 
I created. 

I was all tied up 
With the wrong 
People who promised 
Dreams, now tainted 
By their greed. 
And I was now 
To pay for their sins.  
Thursday, October 23, 2014 0 words I am thankful for

Hashtag Poem - October 9 2014

I reached for
A blanket,
Operating on

I was on the
Razor's edge
Of emotions
& I didn't
Want him to
See me fall

He watched 
Me wrap 
The blanket 
About me. 

With captured 
Breath, with a 
Heavy heart, 
I made my exit. 

Wanting him 
To stop me 

I stepped out 
Of his cabin 
Only to realize
 I didn't know 
Where to go. 

Where on this 
Isle of mist 
Would I find a 
Warm welcome? 

I went back in 
& without looking 
At him, I searched 
For pen & paper. 

With a stealthy pen, 
I wrote my heart on 
Paper, then