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Hashtag Poem - November 19 2014

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You seemed to
Have forgotten
That human life
Is perishable,
I said.

From where
I stand, you're
My only
Threat, David
Met my gaze

Then it became
Clear to me.

So caught up in my
Own fears that I
Didn't understand
That he didn't see
More than this

I walked towards
Him, removing the
Bottle of now still

He leaned back,
Like an person
Once bitten by
A treasured pet.

David would
Rather keep me
At arms length
But what I needed
To do required me
To be close.

Something we
Once were.

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Hashtag Poem - November 18 2014

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Beyond the
Panes of
Glass, it
Looked like
The other side
Of midnight.

I have no
David said.
I don't keep
Tools of death.

I looked around
The cabin. My
Eyes resting on
A pale cashmere

It wasn't mine.

I continued my
Search, I saw

What about that?
I asked, looking
At a katana on
Display on a

That is art.

That is the
Only way
You will
Stay alive.

He was unmoved,
Staring at me with
Questioning eyes.

Someone wants
You dead, David,
I beseeched him

With that
No harm will come

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Hashtag Poem - November 17 2014

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Tell me, David,
Why is there a
Contract out on
You? I pointed
At a chair for him
To sit.
 Say you will
Not kill me,
He countered.

There was darkness
At a window, I heard
The flapping of wings.

Only time will tell
If I will kill you or
Something else will

What are you
Talking about?
He asked.

I stared at
The window.

Is it a daydream?
Why can't he see
What lies just Outside?

It was a minor
Miracle that I
Made it safely.


I looked at

Your forehead,
A glowing cross,
He reached out
To me.

It was a touch
Of forever lost

 I closed my
Eyes & stepped

Do you have
Any? I asked,
Lowering mine.

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Hashtag Poem - November 14 2014

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When the door
The look
On his face
Had a touch
Of desire.

It disappeared
When he saw
What I now aimed
At his third eye.

It would be
Best we go
Inside than
Linger here
On your doorstep,
David, I said

The barrel,
I knew, chilled
His skin.

I followed him
In as he slowly
Stepped backwards.

I closed the door
Behind me, not
Looking back at
The wild woods
Beyond it.

Corrina, what
Are you doing?
He demanded.
He always had
A headstrong Heart

 Killing you or
Saving you. I
Haven't decided,
I said

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