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Hashtag Poem - November 14 2014

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When the door
The look
On his face
Had a touch
Of desire.

It disappeared
When he saw
What I now aimed
At his third eye.

It would be
Best we go
Inside than
Linger here
On your doorstep,
David, I said

The barrel,
I knew, chilled
His skin.

I followed him
In as he slowly
Stepped backwards.

I closed the door
Behind me, not
Looking back at
The wild woods
Beyond it.

Corrina, what
Are you doing?
He demanded.
He always had
A headstrong Heart

 Killing you or
Saving you. I
Haven't decided,
I said

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Hashtag Poem - November 13 2014

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The farther I
Went into the
Woods, the
Faster I walked.

 It was as though
I was unravelling

I knew where
I was going

The closer
I got to my
The darker
The sky grew.

My body, my
Soul's shrine,
Shivered from
The chill.

It was as though
The inhabitants of
The underworld
Now roamed the

Still I followed
The golden leaves,
My forehead hot.

My heart did
Not want to
Return to this

It was still
Grieving, but
This is where
The last golden
Leaf disappeared.

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Hashtag Poem - November 12 2014

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The fear I felt
Was raw and
Visceral as I
Scanned the
Streets for the
Woman and

Their faces, I
Would never

You can't save the child,
The angel's voice
Like dulcet drops
On scorched skin.

Save the town, &
That will never
Happen again.

I spun around,
Looking for
The angel but she
Was nowhere to be
Seen. Perhaps it was
Best, my being afraid to
Ask what I saw.

Not wanting to
Waste time, I
Journeyed on,
Entering the woods
From whence I came.

I passed many a
Statue in honour
Of false gods

In the distant
Past when I was
Fiesty and foolish,
I would interfered
With that statues.

Now I know better,
Now I am cautious

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Hashtag Poem - November 11 2014

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I looked down
At the endless
Beyond the
Church steps.

A line of
Golden leaves
Led East
To God only
Knew where

I followed them,
Out of duty,
Out of curiosity.

Every one I
Stepped over
With a twinkle
Or was it a

As I walked
Through the town,
I did not heed the
Angry stares of
The people.

But I did notice
The woman with
A crimson ribbon.

The woman
Spoke softly
To a small child
Who's face spoke
Of fragile hope

I caught the
Child's eye,
The woman
Turned to look
At me

Everything fell
Into stillness
As my eyes
Laid upon
Pure evil

In the blink
Of an eye,
The woman
& child were
Gone I saw evil

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