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Hashtag Poem - November 10 2014

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Had it ever
Cross your
 Mind that I
Am incapable
Of good? I glared
At her.

It had never
Cross my
Mind that it
Was even possible

You see yourself
With many eyes,
The angel began.

But you refuse to
Use your
True eyes which
View you as
You truly are

And who am I?
I turned to face
Her directly.

You are worthy
Of great things.
There isn't somebody
Like you capable

Get one of your
Holy people,
Your faithful,
I countered.

She shook her
Head, we need
Someone uninhibited,
Capable of anything.

Go, she opened
The church doors.
Enough talk, walk
Into your destiny.

She pushed me out.

Golden leaves
Will guide
The way.

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Hashtag Poem - November 7 2014

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Staring at me,
Patiently, she

Just once,
Just once
Can you step
Out on faith.
You are not
Alone in this

I believe in you, 
The angel ended. 

She led me to 
The doors of the 
Church & in 
My veins, I felt 
I was being led to 
My death.

We are all 
Born hardwired 
With our destiny. 
Yours is to save 
This town, she said. 

I thought I was 
To find out who 
Will kill me. 

Both missions 
Are intertwined, 
She turned me 
To face her. 

We all have paths 
Before us, but we 
Must choose the 
Path not taken.

One brave soul 
Must take that 
Path, then all 
Will follow. 

Before the rush 
Of well meaning 
Persons, there 
Is one that 
Is you.

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Hashtag Poem - November 6, 2014

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She smiled
At me, then
Said. For fear
Of having you
Lost in translation,
I'll keep it simple.

There is a war
Between good
& evil.

With the death 
Of a holy 
Man, evil had 
Claimed this 
Town, she 

Come what may, 
You can now 
See evil & it'll 
Know that.

I exclaimed. 
I didn't sign 
Up for this. 
Common man, 
Yes but evil, 
Hell no! 

 It always hurts 
To walk into 
Your destiny. 

They are no 
Different. Men 
Are but sordid 
Coins, the angel 
Said. They are 
Sullied by evil 
Becoming it 
& that is what 
You'll fight

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Hashtag Poem - November 5, 2014

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She studied my
Face, a smile
Hovering about
Her lips.

You've always
Existed on the
Edge of right, she
Said, cupping
My cheek.

She picked up 
One of the little 
Flowers from 
The tiny assassin's 

It withered away, 
Becoming ash 
Which she blew 

It has caused 
A controversy, 
What we are doing, 
Said the angel, 
Filling a small 
Bottle with the 
Bubbling water. 

It must be done

She corked the 
Bottle & placed 
It in my hand. 

Up till now, 
Everything was 
A near miss, 
She said. 
Now we have 
A chance in this 

What war? 
I asked, 
Looking at 
The now still 
Liquid in the bottle. 

What she said 
Was just fallen 
Words to me. 
Nothing more. 

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