Friday, July 31, 2015 1 words I am thankful for


The magic was gone.

It was gone a long
Time now, packing
Its bag and hitching
A ride to God knew
Where, leaving us to
Fend for ourselves.

In its departure,
We fell into a routine
That felt systematic
And left no room
For spontaneity.
I used to enjoy
The spontaneity, but
That was gone, too.

I would look across
At him and wonder
If he felt it, if
He noticed that
Things had changed
Between us. If
He did he never showed it.

The magic was gone.

I knew not how to
Conjure it up. I
Had no magic lam or
Such implement to return
The magic to our lives
And still I craved it.

Like a drug addict
Craved a drug,
Like a chocoholic
Craved a bar of
Oral sin, I craved
The magic.

I sought it out in
The crevices of my life,
Chanting under my breath
Its name as though it
Was my wayward dog
Gone missing.

I did find magic
In the arms of another,
In secret places
Where my husband's
Eyes would never see us.
It was as I remembered
And I savoured it
Despite the fact that
It was wrong.

But truly what is
Wrong or right to
And addict? I was
Addicted to the magic
And now I've got
My magic fix.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015 2 words I am thankful for


It's over,
The fine threads
That bound us
To each other
Were slashed by
The razor edge
Of betrayl.

I trusted you
You trusted me
But that all
Was lost when
I broke your

I said I was
I said I would
Never do it again,
But your eyes told
Me that you didn't
Believe me.

I love you,
You only,
You always,
You and yet
That is not enough.

The world seems
Cold without you,
Since you left,
A chill crept
Beneath my skin
Sending my flesh
To shiver.
I crave your

I am sorry.
I need you.
Forgive me.

It's too late,
You've moved on,
I still hold on
To the scrap of
Hope, but in my
Heart I know
It's over.

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Monday, July 27, 2015 2 words I am thankful for

Lie To You

I'm going to lie to you
You are going to believe me.

You are going to believe me
Becuase you trust me,
You respect me,
You believe that I would
Never lie to you,
But I will.

I am going to lie to you
You are going to believe me.

You are probably thinking
Why would I lie?
Why would I spin a
Fine web of deceit
And drape it about you
Ever so gently?

Why would I lie?
You ask.
Because you want me to.
You want me to speak
Pretty little lies that
Flutter about you head
Gently kissing your skin.

You don't want the truth,
That heavy, hairy, scary
Beast that promises to
Crush everything you believe
To be true.

You want me to lie to you
So I will do as you wish,
I am going to lie to you
You are going to believe me.

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Friday, July 24, 2015 2 words I am thankful for

A Brother Mourns

"Did you catch him?"

He looked across at
The tiny woman, clutching
Rosaries worn smooth
By her tiny fingers.

"Did you catch him
When he....?"

The words caught in
Her throat. Big, hairy,
Scary truths whose
Claws sank into the
Tender flesh of her
Esophagus, refusing to budge.

He looked at his mother
And wished he could tell
A lie, tell her something
That would stop the pain
She felt, prevent the pain
She would eventually feel.

Looking away, he shook
His head and silence
Fell upon them, heavy,
Suffocating. She could have
Screamed, she could have
Raved and ranted,
Blaming him but she didn't.

He looked back at her, and
She was nodding, eyes dry,
Yet a sadness lived in them.
Hopes lease had come
To an end.

"I didn't expect you to,"
She came forth, embracing
Him. Her strength showed
Him how truly weak
He was.

"You've spent much
Time, so much energy,
Catching him over and
Over again that now
You have nothing to show
For all your effort."

Her words snapped
The last cords of his
Control and in his mother's
Arms, he sobbed.

"It was time for him
To fall," she whispered.
"And time for you to rise."

In his mother's arms,
He cried for his
Fallen brother who soared
High beyond what
Was possible, but he
Didn't fly high enough.

Gravity pulled him down
Every time. And every time,
His brother would catch him
Even if it meant it buried
Him deeper into the earth.
But this time he couldn't
Catch him, his arms
Too weary.

This time, he fell
Never to rise again.
It was something
they would all accept
But for now,
A brother mourns.