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Hashtag Poem - October 20, 2014

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I asked, desperately.

Unless you
Discover who
Is going to kill you.
From me to you,
The sooner,
The better,
She said.

I stared at her 
In disbelief. 

 I have walked 
Upon ancient paths, 
Seen & done many 
A thing, she said. 
This is a first for me. 

The powers 
That be have 
A fickle heart 
Or a sense of 
Humour, she 

This is a game? 
I can't believe 
That, I exclaimed. 

She smiled at me, 
Then began to walk 
Once more. 

It's a puzzle to me 
& I am missing a 
Piece, she said 
At last. You're 
A piece 

I leave you here, 
My dear little 
Scarecrow, she said. 
Find out who will 
Kill you and you 
Will see the new 

Then she was 

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Hashtag Poem - October 17, 2014

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Why so sad,
She asked,
A smile on
Her lips.

Everything dies,
Even the seasons.
As seasons change,
One dies so one
May live.

I savoured 
The flavour 
Of her bitter 
Words and 
Spat out my own. 

You promised 
Me relief but all 
You've given me 
Is misery. 

Her laughter rang 
Out in the empty 
Streets, did you 
Not seek relief in 
The sound? 

An act, pure of 
Sin. Now you call 
It misery.

In the fading light 
Of this sun, you 
Shall die, she said 
With conviction. 

 I grasped the 
Word as though 
It would save me

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Hashtag Poem - October 16, 2014

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In the the darkness
I reached out for
Some semblance
Of reality, some
Sliver of understanding
For me to hold onto.

I found none

Then the darkness 
Transformed before 
My eyes. It ran red 
Before I found 
Myself standing 
Once more before 
The beautiful Stranger. 

Who are you, 
I asked, stepping back. 

She smiled, 
An ever so wicked smile. 
An angel, she said. 

A Dangerous angel 
Was she. 

Walk with me, 
She said. 

I found no safety, 
No real relief in 
Her presence, 
Yet I did 
As she requested. 

My steps matching hers 

As our steps 
Echoed in the 
Empty streets, 
Streets that mirrored 
The ones in the town, 
She said, at sunset, 
You will die.

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Hashtag Poem - October 15, 2014

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 WrittenRiver's prompt

I walked through
The main street &
People looked away.

Those who had the
Nerve to look me in
The eye, their distrust
Was potent.

In some of their eyes, 
I saw a lingering 
Hunger to see me 

For what reason, 
I knew not but 
The hatred was 

I slipped into 
A side street, leaning 
Against a tree 
That appeared 
To be gathering 

Do you seek 
Came a voice. 

The voice was like 
Fallen silk, light &
Airy to my ears. 

Do you wish for relief 
Or do you 
Want to continue 
To walk the gauntlet?

From behind the tree 
Came a beautiful woman 
& in her hands was 
A box. 

I can give you what 
You want, she said, 
Opening the box

I reached to 
Close the box 
But I was too late. 

Into the night 
Created by the 
Box we went. 

Into darkness 
I went with 
A stranger. 

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